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Environmentally Friendly Service

As a result of our extensive knowledge of the harm and pollution that automobiles contribute to the environment, we take great care in removing old automobiles. From the moment we arrive on your property to the moment your car is dumped off at a scrap site, our process is designed to produce as little more pollution and damage as possible. Whether it’s for its metal to be recycled or for the value and reuse of its dismantled pieces, the scrap facility makes sure your car is de-polluted and dismantled properly so that every item can be put to good use again.

Flashtowing in Surrey offers Scrap Car Removal and Towing services

Are you looking to get rid of your old car? Selling it to a used car dealer can be quite inconvenient, and oftentimes, more expensive than it needs to be. Fortunately, there are easier and more affordable ways for you to dispose of your vehicle. Enter Flashtowing in Surrey – the scrap car removal and towing experts that make getting rid of your old car simple, quick, and hassle-free.

Getting Rid of Something Rather Than Fixing It

Getting a rusty, old car back on the road might cost as much, if not more, than buying a brand-new one. It would be more beneficial to have the car taken away from your property rather than let it sit there unused.

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How Will We Pull This Off?

Surrey towing services from Flash Towing include both light and heavy-duty towing, as well as scrap car removal. Even though our specialty is light-duty towing, we also provide services for bigger vehicles such as boats, RVs, and trucks.


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