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Boats and RVs

24/7 emergency towing

Choose Flash Towing for all your boats and RVs

Flash Towing is here to get the job done, whether you need your boat or RV towed to a destination, repairs, storage, or any other purpose. We have been proudly serving customers for years and specialize in safe and affordable towing services for boats and recreational vehicles.

The team you can always rely on!

Our team of certified professionals are highly trained and experienced with all types of boats and RVs, from small pleasure crafts to large luxury vessels. Our fleet of tow trucks is well-equipped with the most up-to-date technologies to ensure that your vehicle is towed safely and securely every time.

We can get the job done rightly for you!

If you need a tow for your boat or RV, you can count on us to complete the job correctly because we have the experience and expertise necessary. Additionally, we provide emergency roadside assistance; therefore, if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, you can call on us for aid. Consequently, if you are looking for a towing business that you can have faith in, there is no better option than Flash Towing. We are available to assist you at any time, day or night, and at all hours.

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Surrey's most Devoted Towing Service

It can be frightening, inconvenient, and upsetting to have a boat break down in the middle of the night or during a special occasion. Towing services in Surrey are provided by a team of professionals who have years of expertise retrieving boats of all shapes and sizes, regardless of the problem that caused them to need removal. We are dedicated to getting you where you need to go quickly, easily, and without any stress.

Accessible Boat Recovery Services Anytime, Anyday

No matter where you are or where your boat or RV has broken down, we can get you to the port safely and quickly. Our Surrey towing company is well-versed in transporting watercraft between public docks and marinas and private ones, as well as between private docks and maintenance shops. For small boats of any make or model, we will be to your location quickly with everything we need to make the transfer safe and quick.

Get a motorcycle tow to avoid getting stranded in dangerous or remote areas

If you’re ever in an accident or have mechanical problems while far from home, a tow truck can get you and your bike safely back to where you need to be. Lastly, motorcycle towing can give you peace of mind knowing that there’s always a way to get your bike home if something goes wrong while you’re out riding. Whether you run into trouble on the road or simply want to take a break from riding for a while, Flash Towing’s motorcycle towing services are always there to help.
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Why choose Flash Towing?

When it comes to towing, there is no company more qualified than Flash Towing. We have been in the business for years and have the experience and equipment to handle any size boat or RV. We offer a wide range of services to our customers, including:
– 24/7 emergency towing
– Long-distance towing
– Flatbed towing
– Wheel lift towing


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